Imagine a fun future.
With take a slow deep breath under the bright sky

Are the heroes excited to forget such moments?

Will it change the meaning of peace is in different positions?
Such as the time and place.

Even at this moment,Our friends live in chaos.
And I wonder if we have that the peace they lost.

We’re going to go on a journey to find peace.
Together with you and our friends in faraway countries
Walking along the shores of chaos and peace,
To find not despair, to find hope.


About “PEACEis project“

The purpose of this project is "peacebuilding of the Central African Republic".

Photograph cannot create the true “peace”

I was able to discover new horizons through a photograph
that local people do not hate each other,
and they don't want to continue fighting.
I’ve got one answer by discussion with local people many times for Peace building.

“Create jobs in this country.”

I learnt it is the first step to peace
that people can live tomorrow even if they do not continue fighting.

I continued talks with local people to look for work
that they could work without stress without unreasonableness.
The important thing,
"local people accomplish this project” and "support from Japan can continue.

"As a result, "a poultry farm" began for the first step of the project.

It succeeds in joining forces Christian and
a Muslim of the country which continues fighting through "a poultry farm."
And local employment and income generation.

The story just began…



PEACEis obtained a 10ha land in Kassembe, PK 40 from Bangui towards Boali/Yaloke earlier 2023 and completed construction of 6 wards for the poultry.
That will allow max 19,000 chicken to be produced in one cycle (7-8weeks). PEACEis also made 3 water well in the land – 2 for the poultry farm and 1 for local communities.


PEACEis initiated negotiation for collaboration with muslim community in Bangui who used to cover good portion of Bangui market. They agreed to collaborate with PEACEis in transporting and finding markets to sell the products. Moreover, PEACEis started negotiation with city of Boda which expressed interest to be PEACEis’s market.


PEACEis has built and good relations with the CAR Government for their support and possibly collaboration for food security and peace building through PEACEis activities. Mr. Aoki met Prime Minister Mr. Felix Moloua and other relevant governmental figures and received positive reaction.

Mr. Aoki appears on Central African National TV and speaks to the people about the project's launch and future.


Mr. Aoki representing PEACEis took part of Japan’s biggest international cooperation event organized by MOFA in 30 Sept and 1 Oct 2023 in Tokyo, Japan. The photography work in CAR by Mr. Aoki was exhibited. He has been also one of judge for global photographic contest for recent 3 years.

WAY FORWARD – Planned Action


Prior to bringing in chicks, PEACEis is to prepare the facilities (stock for feed, feeding box etc). Also feed will be purchased through negotiated channel for sustainable procurement.


PEACEis is to start pilot cycle of poultry by bringing chicks (planning November 2023). From the pilot, lessons will be drawn on breeding, management of facilities and human resources, procurement as well as marketing.

►Establish Transport and Marketing line in Bangui

To be continued…

PEACEis project art activities
“The Central African Republic from the Children’s Perspective”
“Everyone taking pic with smiles!”
"Messages of the muddiness"
What is your “PEACE”?

“The Central African Republic from the Children’s Perspective”

I brought with me a ton of sketchbooks and crayons with the purpose of holding an art workshop with the children of the Central African Republic.

It was then that I realized something.These children could only draw things they had actually seen.
Unlike children in Japan, the absence of computers and TVs means everything drawn by the children were things they had seen in real life.People, flowers, food, attack helicopters...The drawings truly illustrated the ‘Everyday of the Central African Republic’.

The children drew with my joy. Seeing that gave me hope for the future of this country.The drawings of these children remind us of the reality that this country is in the midst of a civil war.
My hope for them is that they will be surrounded by lots of beautiful things, and be able to draw lots of beautiful drawings.

“Everyone taking pic with smiles!”

A picture of peace conveyed by children
From weapons to cameras: the miraculous moment of overcoming conflict

"Let's take pictures of your friends!"

"Rather than just taking photos of your friends, you take photos of your new friends in front of you. Christian children take photos of their Muslim friends, and Muslim children take photos of their Christian friends.
Of course, when taking pictures of your friends, don't be silent!
Talk to your friends and introduce yourself with a smile before taking the photo. Why do you need to do that? To take pictures of your friends' smiling faces!"

Convey the importance of communication to each child through an instant camera.

At first, all the children were nervous as they were meeting strangers for the first time. What's more, they get scared because they don't know how to use the camera for the first time.
But the kids are amazing!
They quickly learn how to use a camera and make new friends quickly.
The older brothers and sisters take care of the younger children and help with the filming. Once again, I was amazed at the power that children inherently possess.

Children will create the future of this country.
A miracle happened thanks to the camera. It felt like peace was coming a little closer to this country.
Above all, seeing the happy faces of the children makes me realize that it was all worth it.

At the end, we all took a group photo.
Everyone is smiling!

The password is
“Smile and say yes, PEACE〜!”

"Messages of the muddiness"

The photographs are the finest communication.
Of course, I still believed so it, and it has been helped a lot till now.
However, I think recently.
"It is not enough a little bit."
The one way does not consist with the communication.
Through a print, new trust is born while we talk freely together.
And smile and hope.
Dialogue begins without conflict of the religion such as Christian and Muslim.
Tears overflowed I noticed.
This is the essence of the photograph, and of the truth "the photograph means communication".
I show the photographs which I photographed before here.
It is happiness if I have you notice their beauty.

I stop labors and hands them some prints.
I hand them some prints. they are all muddy from head to foot.
Even if a print becomes dirty, I do not mind it.


How will they feel it on seeing oneself photographed?
At first, I was so nervous.
However, the uneasy disappeared immediately.
Smiles overflowed from the face of workers to see the prints.
I thought that the communication was not wrong with photographs when I saw them.
My photographs returned to the original figure which there should be.
All prints became dirty with mud immediately and worn out.

In such photographs, there is one piece that is the muddiest, and became tattered.
In other words, it is the photograph which they like it most and were interested in of the subject.
I believe that this becomes the new message again and reaches Japan and the world.
And I hope that deep communication is exchanged through this photograph.

What is your “PEACE”?

Why not think about “PEACE” from a small imagination around you?

The Central African Republic is literally located in the center of Africa, and there is still a long civil war going on over the diamonds mined in this country.
Most people in Japan, they may have negative images of this country, which is far away both physically and psychologically, and may think that it has no bearing on their lives.

This is one of the our project, PEACEis cards that we are asking everyone to draw.
Each person was asked to draw their own version of the question, ``What does PEACE mean to you?''

I was imagining a realistic and painful answer, but the "PEACE" of the Central Africans was also very philosophical and poetic.
I would be happy if you could imagine each PEACE as you feel them.
Believe that your imagination will connect you with everyone in faraway Africa...

Dear my friend

We met as photographer and interviewees.

I wonder how I looked in your eyes that my appearance I was clutching the camera and trembling.

One day, you let me hear the voice in your heart.

The story was gentle, rugged, enormous, and very sparkling.

There were also voices filled with sadness that you don't want to hear,

There were some voices that make me so happy that the moment I hear them, I think, "I'm so glad I met you!"

We will create the future together with you, who are living and moving history right now.

Being able to record that moment

As a photographer, I have never been happier.

Every moment with you becomes special and irreplaceable.

As a photographer, I promise to do my best to archive your future and smile.

Best regards

Hiroshi Aoki, photographer