Add explanation about “juheisen”

Located in the Centre of the African continent, this country faces no ocean and therefore its people have never seen a horizon over the sea , or 'sui-heisen' as we call it in Japanese (sui: water, heisen: horizon).
Given that most of the land consists of tropical rainforests, the people have also never seen a horizon over land, or 'chi-heisen' (chi: land, heisen: horizon).
So what is the everyday scenery for these people?That scenery is a horizon made by the trees of the forest.I call this scenery a “Juheisen”, or a horizon over trees (ju: trees, heisen: horizon).
This word does not officially exist in the Japanese language, but the view inspired me to make up this new compound word to express the scenery unique to this land.
Somewhere over this beautiful “Juheisen” is where diamonds are formed, unending wars of hatred and murder continue, and despite all people give each other whispers of love.
My hope is that you get an image of what exactly the daily lifestyle is like for the people of this land.